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Consumer Supported Agricultural Alliance (CSAA) has a Cost-Effective, Sustainable and Manageable way to connect the millions of families that live in large cities direct to the 1000s of farms that surround the big cities – for their Mutual Benefit.

The major players are Regional Farmers, Urban Retailers and Collectives of Consumers (i.e. subscribers), Working Together (i.e. cooperation) to deliver healthy nutritious affordable food directly from the farm into the ‘hands’ of subscribers. Veggies from regional farms have been, for about six years, delivered into the hands of Brisbane subscribers that were harvested in the early hours of the same day. This online training for farmers, retailers and consumers is about the knowhow that makes it possible to do this on a large scale. The Cost of the Training is negligible compared to the dollar and social benefits. It is applicable to any and all small business and/or community project.

CSAA works closely with Leverage Fair Trade (LFT), a provider of 21st Century Information Technology Solutions. LFT’s loyalty and referral programs and a unique “A Computers Club”, are making it possible for more and more small farmers to pay their debts, buy and maintain equipment and stock their farms. Our combined efforts are laying a foundation for a stable regional food supply for large cities. CSAA uses the foundation to initiate and facilitate Intelligent Cooperation and Shared Vision within and between the business and social teams that make up our membership and friendly networks.

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